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With so many motor club options out there, it's easy to skip over the fine print. When you look closely at GM Motor Club compared to the rest, you'll see why our value and flexibility are second to none.

No other major club offers you unlimited towing miles. Most of our competitors' towing benefits come with strings attached, which means you can get stuck paying over $50 for a single 20 mile tow! Most clubs require additional fees for each family member you want to protect. At GM Motor Club we've cut the strings...and the price.

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Cost per Year

Cost per
Year Family
w/ 1 child

Cost per
Year Family
w/2 children

Towing Without
or Dollar Limits

    Motor Club




        AAA Plus**




        AAA Basic**




        GE Standard




        Allstate Deluxe




        BP Premier





        Auto Club of




             *Based on member, spouse and one 19 year-old child. ** AAA is a federation of independent motor clubs. Each club establishes
              its own rates and services. Examples shown from AAA South. Source AAA South, AARP, BP, Allstate and Chevron websites.